A Guide to Dominoes


Whether you’re looking for a new way to play a board game with your family or you’re looking for an excuse to spend an afternoon at your local game store, you’ll be able to find the perfect set of dominoes to fit your needs. There are both Chinese and European style dominoes available, as well as Ivory nut, Double-six, and Acrylic dominoes.

European-style dominoes

Traditionally, European-style dominoes are made from ivory or bone, but there are also sets made from dark hardwood. Some sets are made from stone, frosted glass, or ceramic clay.

A typical domino set is made up of 28 pieces. They can be extended to include more tiles. Each piece has two square ends and seven possible faces. One side is blank. The pips on each face are uniformly molded. Each face has a number of spots, and each spot is also marked.

Chinese dominoes

During the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Chinese dominoes were first invented to entertain soldiers during night watch. They were made of hard black material and contained two ends. One end contained the head and a pair of legs. The other end contained pips from the second die. These dominoes are known as gwt pái or bone tiles in Cantonese.

Chinese dominoes are considered the ancestors of the modern Mah Jong game. They are used in many tile-based games, including pai gow, tien gow, and kap tai shap.

Ivory nut dominoes

Originally made from ivory, ivory nut dominoes have been a popular game for centuries. Today, they are still one of the most valuable domino sets available.

The ivory used in making ivory nut dominoes is the same material used in the tusks of elephants. The end result is a material that is extremely hard and close-grained.

Before the ivory trade was banned in 1989, domino sets made from ivory were legal to sell. However, because of the destruction of African elephants, a ban was placed on the trade.

Acrylic dominoes

Basically, a domino is a small rectangular block that is used for a variety of games. Typically, they are twice as long as they are wide. Some are even blank.

It’s not hard to find a set of dominoes made from a variety of materials. Some are made from plastic, while others are made from wood. You can even find ones made from foam. There are even some that are made from marbleized acrylic.

Double-six set

Among the many variations of the classic game of dominoes, the Double Six Set Domino Game is one of the most popular. It’s a fun family activity that’s a great way to learn basic numeracy skills while spending quality time together.

This game of luck and strategy can be played by two to eight players. The player who earns the most points wins the game. The goal is to construct a circle of three dominoes. The total number of points awarded to the player is based on the number of pips on each piece.